Owain Lloyd-Williams is an SEO Consultant based in the UK. He has 10+ years experience helping the organic growth some of the world’s leading global brands.

Owain is a legend in the SEO game and has kindly offered Broadbelt Digital some advice as we ask him our three questions from our 3-Question Series.

To find out more about Owain and what he can do for your business visit his website at www.owainlloydwilliams.com. Enjoy!

What is the most valuable SEO tool or technique you’d advise all website owners to adopt in 2023?

Aside from the household classics such as Screaming Frog, Ahrefs and of course Google’s own tools (Search Console, Analytics) I’ve found myself incorporating more nuanced keyword research tools into my daily workflows which I find are becoming increasingly more useful at capturing long-tail query-led intent terms in the wider context of modern-day keyword research methods.

AlsoAsked is a great tool for this as it pulls in related search terms from Google’s PeopleAlsoAsked database and allows you to widen your content offering and improve your chances of capturing more nuanced user intent patterns with your content. This is definitely a technique that has rewired my previous keyword research and content strategy approach and I think it’s important to keep in tune with the highly-evolved nature of the modern-day searcher on Google.

In your experience, what is a digital marketing or SEO basic that website owners tend to neglect time and time again?

I’d likely have much less work going on if this was the case, though I often start project engagements delving into crawlability and indexing issues caused by suboptimal site architecture that simply hasn’t been given its due consideration over time. I find this area (and other technical SEO foundations) often neglected in favour of perhaps content ventures which can end up hindering overall performance of said content in general. This is of course usually the case for larger websites (such as ecommerce brands) though can extend further.

If you could travel back in time to 2005 and give yourself one piece of SEO advice, what would it be?

In 2005 I’d just turned 18, so if I’d bought a domain back then that ran simple function such as telling tide times or built an affiliate site on an emerging niche at the time (perhaps emo music?) I’d likely be talking to you from my tropical retreat!

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