Andrew Wassenaar is an experienced SEO consultant and writer based in Auckland. Specialising in SaaS marketing, Andrew has created content for Kiwi success stories like Orion Health, Timely, Vend, Pocketsmith, and Tradify.

Andrew joins us to share some of his SEO knowledge in another installment of our 3-Question SEO Series.

What is the most valuable SEO tool or technique you’d advise all website owners to adopt in 2023?

Semrush is the must-have tool for any business wanting to invest in SEO. The Site Audit and Keyword Magic tools alone are worth the subscription price. Rank tracking and backlink tools are also world-class. (I’m not sponsored by Semrush by the way!)

For sole traders and small businesses, Google’s own free tools are always slept on:

And most importantly — your Google Business Profile

These tools are provided by the Google gods themselves to help you succeed in Search, and they won’t cost you a cent to use (even Google Ads has a free trial!). Learn how to use them.

In your experience, what is a digital marketing or SEO basic that website owners tend to neglect time and time again?

The biggest mistake a website owner can make is having a ‘set and forget’ mindset regarding content. Whether it’s the content on your homepage, landing pages, or even paid advertising campaigns — it all needs to be tested against your goals, measured, and improved over time.

When it comes to SEO, if you’re not ranking #1 then there’s room for improvement.

If you could travel back in time to 2005 and give yourself one piece of SEO advice, what would it be?

I’d tell myself the same thing I tell my clients — invest in Google!

To find out more about Andrew and what he can do for your business visit his website:

As always, we want to thank our interviewee for taking the time to give us their expert advice. Thank you Andrew! We’re sure our paths will cross again soon.

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